About Me

I am Vidhyalakshmi, a new cooking enthusiast born in Veedur village, brought up in Pondicherry and currently living in Singara Chennai. I have had opportunities to spend small parts of my life in Delhi and Bangalore; due to this diverse exposure I’ve tasted and appreciated many cuisines. However, I never was interested to cook until this unfamiliar face of me was discovered after I got married and had to cook all by myself. It is my husband Kundan, who motivated me on blogging and this blog keeps me quite happy and occupied for now. We are lacto-vegetarians and so in this blog I share proper vegetarian recipes. I am keen on trying out a variety of cuisines and mostly try to keep an eye on the dishes’ health aspect. I keep posting more or less every other first time recipes that I try in my kitchen, so excuse me for those obvious and damn-simple recipes. And on the photography: I started clicking with my point-and-shoot camera [Canon PowerShot  SX10IS] much later than I began blogging, so I keep updating photos for the earlier posts as and when I repeat those dishes. Now, for the last few months I've started clicking with the Nikon D7000 (sponsor Kundan & courtesy Noel); however, I have not started learning much.
I would be happy if you give me your feedback on my blog and recipes if you happen to try out which I highly recommend for they are tried and tested on Kundan ;)
I humbly dedicate this venturous blog to Gnanasoundari, my amma for she has fed me love and sowed seeds of cooking in me.
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