Tuesday, March 26

Urad Dal Ladoo

Urad dal as we know is good for health and very strengthening especially for girls during puberty and for women during pregnancy. I tried this recipe from nishamadhulika.com first time when I had visited my sister during her pregnancy. All of us loved it and I had made it many times after that, thanks to Nishamadhulika. In north India there is a habit of making these kinds of healthy ladoos when winter arrives to keep the body warm unlike we in south make sweets only during festivities or for occasions.

Preparation Time: 30 minutes

Cooking Time: 15 minutes

Serves: Yields 20-25 ladoos


1.     Urad dal – 2 cups
2.     Bura or tagar – 1 ½ cups
3.     Ghee – 1 cup
4.     Cahew nuts – 4 tbsp


Step 1: Roast the urad dal in simmer until done and nice aroma emanates. Let it cool down.

Step 2: Grind the urad dal in a mixer to get a slightly coarse flour.
Step 3: Melt ghee, add chopped nuts and urad flour to it. Mix tagar or bura to it and mix well.

Step 4: Roll into ladoos between your fists.

*Check for the tagar or bura recipe from Besan ladoo recipe in this blog.
*You can add cardamom powder if you do not like urad flavour.
*Add nuts of your choice along with cashew nuts.
*Adjust sweetness and ghee according to taste.
*If you live in cold weather, heat the ladoo in microwave while serving to get the ghee melted and be flavourful.
*If the bura or tagar has lumps pulse it in the mixer.
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